About Us

Boustead Agriculture

Boustead Agriculture Ltd is domiciled in the UK with its main operating subsidiary, Green Earth Africa, is domiciled in Mauritius, and is under Boustead PLC, a United Kingdom incorporated company.

Boustead and Co. were founded in 1828 in Singapore, incorporated in London in 1910 and subsequently has been trading on the London stock market for many years. The Boustead Group plans to develop and maintain a corporate finance and management infrastructure for the development of large-scale commercial farms and the development of natural resources and resume trading on the stock market.

Agriculture projects include, but are not limited to, commercial farming operations producing raw grain crops for staple food sources, cotton plantations, high care fruit and vegetable operations, vegetable processing and value addition, sugar plantations, beef production, processing and marketing, and fish production.

Timber plantations and biomass production from land clearing operations, crop residues, and the timber plantations for use in Boustead Agriculture planned renewable energy power stations.
Boustead Agriculture has access to large tracts of agricultural land, water and Savannah timber concessions.

Boustead Agriculture is in a unique position in that with the guidance of key Government bodies and officials it has partnered with the local communities, established Trusts on behalf of the local communities and the Chiefs, who are the trustees and the beneficiaries are the communities, to establish large industrial scale farming operations on community owned land.
In partnering with the communities, the communities have allocated large tracts of highly fertile land, previously under developed, for the use of Boustead Agriculture to farm, manage and develop.

Through the partnership, it is envisaged that huge communal development and uplift will take place.
Boustead Agriculture has written Ministerial permission to make full use of any water rights on the Zambezi River and any other water allocation which the operations may require.