the future of farming in africa

Boustead Agriculture Limited

Boustead Agriculture Limited

Boustead Agriculture is an agricultural business to become Africa’s leading, fully integrated agricultural group, addressing the following:

Balancing the above with the need to deliver sustainable, attractive shareholder returns over the medium and long terms.

What We Do

Boustead Agriculture has access to an abundant pipeline of opportunities in Africa, leveraging on a unique network of partners and the ability to select and develop opportunities to match investment criteria.

Boustead Agriculture, therefore, aims to partake in delivering food and consumer goods in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible way.

Agritech in Africa


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Farm to Table

Agricultural Investments


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

why work with us?

The world needs solutions to food security, environment protection, community partnerships, and renewable resources.

Boustead Agriculture Limited


At Boustead Agriculture, we understand that our activities will have an impact on the communities and the environments in which we operate.

We are committed to acting in a manner that is socially responsible and that reflects sound environmental management practices.

Regular engagement meetings with host communities, landowners, and stakeholders keep the lines of communication open.